Collection: Soft Sculptures

Sculptural bags and pillows upholstered in the finest quality and softest wool by Rohi.

Rohi is a textile brand that was founded in 1933 by the designer Marga Hielle-Vatter and textile engineer Rolf Hielle, after whom rohi is named. Today it is a 3rd generation, family-run business. All of rohi textiles are manufactured in wool. Why? Because wool is MAGICAL. A few quick facts:

Wool is a naturally renewable raw material and contains no chemicals. This makes it naturally sustainable.

Easy to clean (liquids pill on top of the fiber rather than absorbing into the textile.)
Resilient! It keeps its form and is wrinkle-free; it can expand up to 30% of its length and return to its original shape.

Rohi textiles have been used for nearly 100 years in the commercial sector in places like opera houses and airline seating. Many of their clients don’t need to return to them for anything for 40 years - and when they do, it’s only for an external aesthetic reason - the textile stays intact.