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Work in progress

Cat Couch

Cat Couch

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Starting on October 10, 2023, Work in progress will donate all profits* to reproductive rights. Learn more about WIP and our partnership with Abortion Access Front here.

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A couch for your cat (or small dog)! Cat Couch is the perfect miniature-sized piece of furniture your cat didn't know she/he/they needed. Hand-crafted from fine Baltic Birch plywood this sturdy couch with its sleek curved edges will provide a spot for the down-time your furry friend craves. 

Cat Couch was designed to be a beautiful receptacle for a recyclable and replaceable scratch-pad.  Scratch, flip, scratch, recycle, insert new scratch-pad. We aim to replace all of the uggo, wasteful cat furniture out there with a solution that is sustainable and chic. 

***This product listing is for Cat Couch and one complimentary scratch-pad.

Shipping & Assembly:  

Cat Couch is designed and manufactured to flat-pack. This means that it will ship flat in an efficiently packaged rectangular box. Cat Couch requires light assembly so make sure to have a Phillips screwdriver on hand. 

Ships free!

Inserts: This product listing is for Cat Couch and one complimentary scratch-pad.

  • Not feeling the scratch-pad? Check out our Cushion Collabs collection. 
  • Loving the scratch-pad? Click here to subscribe and save on replacement scratchers. 

Dimensions: 18" w x 9" d x 14" overall height, 6" seat height

Couch materials: 1/2" Baltic Birch plywood, screws 

Finish: Bona Traffic HD, GREENGUARD Children & Schools SM Certified

Designed in: Los Angeles

Manufacturer: Accent Design + Manufacturing 

Made in: Arizona 

*What does all profits mean? defines profit as "the monetary surplus left to a producer or employer after deducting wages, rent, cost of raw materials." So, for each WIP product, we total production costs, shipping costs (from our global suppliers to Los Angeles and from us to you), operating related costs and deduct that from the total sell price. What does that mean for you? Approximately 50% of your dollars will go to supporting abortion access and body autonomy. 

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