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Cat Couch

A couch for your cat (or small dog)! Cat Couch is the perfect miniature-sized piece of furniture your cat didn't know she/he/they needed. 

Cat Couch was designed to be a beautiful receptacle for a recyclable and replaceable scratch-pad.  Scratch, flip, scratch, recycle, insert new scratch-pad, repeat.  We aim to replace all of the uggo, wasteful cat furniture out there with a solution that is sustainable and chic. 

Cat Couch is designed and manufactured to flat-pack. 

User Tested and Approved

The original prototype of Cat Couch has been user tested by three very astute and critical early adopters. For the last 4.5 years, designer Emma Holland Denvir's three cats Twiggy, Huck, and Marcel have been using Cat Couch daily and the results are in! They love it. So does Emma. Cat Couch distracts the cats from other objects (READ: SOFA) in the house and has allowed Emma to ditch all of the other unattractive and unsustainable cat furniture options out there. Emma has been refilling Cat Couch with scratch-pads for years, simply recycling the used scratcher and replacing it with a new one. Now, with the addition of Cushion Collabs, Emma and the cats can spice up their cat lounge with both Block Shop cushions & scratch-pads.
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