For the next year, all WIP profits will support reproductive rights.

For the next year, all WIP profits will support reproductive rights.

Work in progress Launches Colorful Rug Series to Support Reproductive Rights 

Creative agency Denvir Enterprises’ giving arm, Work in progress, teams up with Abortion Access Front to support abortion rights. 

Work in progress_Reproductive Rights Rugs_Abortion Access Front October 2023, Los Angeles ––  Work in progress, the sibling brand and giving arm of Los Angeles creative agency Denvir Enterprises, proudly introduces the Reproductive Rights Rugs: a series of three colorfully designed, hand-tufted fiber art pieces with a mission to draw attention to and support abortion access. A joyful interpretation of the reproductive organs, the Reproductive Rights Rugs illustrate the ovaries, fallopian tubes, uterus, cervix, and vagina as vibrant wall hangings. Available in three patterns that blend warm colors with soft florals, the Reproductive Rights Rugs are unexpectedly cute decor pieces. But despite their abstract colorways, the rugs’ shapes are intentionally (and anatomically) direct, repurposing the symbol of a historically contentious part of the human body to spark delight and action. 

With the October 2023 launch, Work in progress will become the giving arm of parent company, Denvir Enterprises, focusing on a new cause each year. For the next year, all profits from all Work in progress products, including the brand’s existing offerings, will be donated to reproductive rights. 

The fight for abortion rights in the United States has become increasingly crucial as numerous states have implemented highly restrictive laws that represent a concerning violation of human rights. These laws also pose significant challenges for individuals seeking reproductive healthcare and body autonomy. All profits for the Reproductive Rights Rugs will go toward supporting abortion access.  

Inspiration for the Reproductive Rights Rug came to Denvir Enterprises and WIP founder Holland Denvir back in May 2022, when news leaked that the Supreme Court was planning to strike down Roe v. Wade. “I, like many others, felt angry, sad, and hopeless. Since launching Denvir Enterprises in July 2020, I planned to make a pivot once the business was up and running to make sure our for-profit business was using some of its profits to support and provide resources to underserved and neglected communities,” says Denvir. 

Once Roe vs. Wade was officially overturned one month later, Holland decided that Work in progress would become the giving arm of Denvir Enterprises, creating new activism-driven product launches and donating profits to a different non-profit organization each year. This year, Work in progress has partnered with Abortion Access Front, a dynamic coalition of comedians, activists, writers, and producers united by their mission of using humor to destigmatize abortion and to shed light on the extremist anti-choice forces working to erode access to reproductive rights across the country.

The Reproductive Rights Rugs go on pre-sale the week of October 10 with delivery in December 2023. For every Reproductive Rights Rug purchased, $100 will go to Abortion Access Front. 

Product Details 

Dimensions: 21” w x 14” h

Material: 100% New Zealand Wool

Hand-tufted in Bhadohi, India 

Work in progress Reproductive Rights Rugs

About Denvir Enterprises 

Denvir Enterprises has been selling stuff that looks good with other stuff since 2020. DE represents a diverse roster of commercial-grade brands in the interior design and architecture industry and places a strong emphasis on both customer service and the client experience. Sustainability is key in the DE collection and is interwoven into their brands’ material sourcing and manufacturing practices from the beginning, bringing you commercial products that will outlive trends and not end up on a curb or in a landfill. Check out  Sustainability Check for a comprehensive overview of DE’s sustainability practices. And to discover more about DE, go to and on Instagram at @denvirenterprises.

About Work in progress 

Work in progress is a queer — as in both gay and weird — brand that partners with a diverse set of otherworldly artists, designers, makers and manufacturers to bring you cool, sustainable stuff. WIP is brought to you by the team at Denvir Enterprises, our sibling B2B brand. Learn more at and follow us on Instagram at

About Abortion Access Front 

Founded in 2015 by comedian and Daily Show co-creator Lizz Winstead, Abortion Access Front (Abortion AF) is a nonprofit organization made up of activists, comedians, writers, and producers. They use humor to destigmatize abortion and expose the extremist forces working to destroy access to reproductive rights and abortion in all 50 states. 

Abortion AF’s provocative and hilarious multimedia content educates people about the pervasive and discriminatory abortion laws that disproportionately impact people in BIPOC communities while also working on the ground, growing support, and raising awareness for independent abortion providers- the community clinics who bear the brunt of anti-abortion legislation and harassment, and provide the majority of abortion care in the country.

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