Work in progress is a queer — as in both gay and weird — brand that partners with a diverse set of otherworldly artists, designers, makers and manufacturers to bring you cool, sustainable stuff. WIP is brought to you by the team at Denvir Enterprises, our sibling B2B brand. Learn more on Instagram at

We named Work in progress 'work in progress' because we all, as humans, are always developing and growing, and so too is our brand.

Not only do we highlight the designers, but we'll always highlight the manufacturers. Want to work with them? Great. We've vetted them! Ask us for a referral or reach out directly.

Founder story

Holland Denvir founder of Work in progress and Denvir Enterprises

Holland Denvir has been working in the interior design industry, as a woodworker, on the client side, or behind the scenes at various brands, for the past decade. Their cumulative experiences in the design industry led them to start Denvir Enterprises and Work in progress in 2020 + 2021, respectively. Denvir Enterprises is their multi-line B2B sales agency, where they represent a sustainable and diverse set of commercial-grade vendors in the interior design industry. Holland lives in a blue house in Los Angeles with their partner and three cats.